What kind of visitor market does the Savannah area have?

The Savannah area and Lowcountry is a drive-to, drive-in-and-around, two-night stay market. Visitors utilize all types of accommodations, often taking a quick drive or walk to the areas they want to experience, enjoy or patronize. They want their information quickly and in a clean, easy to read format. They want to be educated, have competitive choices with fair prices, and will compare options – because they expect a positive experience with an honest value.

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Brochures are the #1 Influencer of Visitors in your Area

Research undertaken by Bentley University’s Center Research confirms that the most influential source of information for a visitor, during their trip, is a brochure, map or travel guide. The findings are the result of research, undertaken during 2018, in 17 selected city and regional locations in the United States, Canada and Europe. Professional marketers interviewed 2,020 visitors and the results were analyzed by Bentley University.


Here are some key findings:

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