Why Have So Many Area Businesses Chosen OGS Brochure Distribution?

Because we work for their success! We consistently demonstrate we know the tourism business, visitor demographics, and seasonal challenges in the tourism industry. We continually exceed our locations’ expectations for efficient, timely service. We effectively act as an income-producing team member promoting our subscribers through their publications or brochures. And your information - your message - is not lost!

How is OGS Brochure Distribution different from other tourism-related advertising?

OGS Brochure Distribution pioneered and has enhanced the distribution and display of subscriber-provided brochures in furniture-quality display cases. We distribute to all our locations every week, and to high-activity venues as often as needed. We design, develop and provide functioning, innovative multi-use display concepts and distribution support services, from setting special display cases for conventions to mailing visitor-info packs for incoming groups and tourists.

What kind of visitor market does the Savannah area have?

The Savannah area and Lowcountry is a drive-to, drive-in-and-around, two-night stay market. Visitors utilize all types of accommodations, often taking a quick drive or walk to the areas they want to experience, enjoy or patronize. They want their information quickly and in a clean, easy to read format. They want to be educated, have competitive choices with fair prices, and will compare options – because they expect a positive experience with an honest value.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Customers are never locked into long-term agreements. Many businesses in OGS Brochure Distribution have been with us for more than THIRTY YEARS by choice, not by contractual obligation. Any business can discontinue our services with a written notice.

How much does OGS Brochure Distribution cost?

Brochures are the most frequently used source of information during a trip. At a true cost of just pennies per day, we provide a tremendous opportunity for your business to reach the millions of Savannah visitors both aordably and eectively. Our Agreement details the costs for distribution and display – truly a great value.

When am I billed?

We email the invoices by the 20th of the month, for next month’s service, and payment is due by the first of the month. Statements are available by request.

Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely. We accept American Express, MasterCard, or Visa; whatever is best for your budget.

I don’t have a large advertising budget – are brochures what I need?

OGS Brochure Distribution serves successful businesses with all budget sizes. Some of our subscribers use OGS as their ONLY advertising vehicle; we take that responsibility very seriously. Printing costs of brochures are not expensive if you plan; we make your brochure worth every penny. We are precise and consistent in how we distribute, manage and maintain our brochure cases. Our dedication ensures you broad exposure at a fair price. You make the decision; we will earn your trust.

Can I personally deliver my brochures to OGS Brochure Distribution locations?

No – because our other subscribers and location hosts expect us to manage the delivery of all brochures to all distribution locations. This relieves you of the many hidden costs associated with self-distribution while managing and protecting your investment. Our service also protects you from unauthorized use or handling by other companies. And we support our locations by offering consistent, methodical, and dependable service.

How can I gauge the effectiveness of my brochure?

You must decide what success is. Since 1984, we have kept track of brochure flow, demographic movement and use-trends in each distribution location. Every location is attractive to a certain market guest. You need to decide what you want the brochure to do. And it is okay to evolve your information – just as your business does. You provide the message ... we are the messenger!

What other resources does OGS Brochure Distribution offer?

We contact incoming conventions and tradeshows to support their registration areas with valuable information. We also work with tour fulfillment packages. We offer a mobile rack that is available to conventions and trade shows in our area. Ask us for more information.

How can I get started with OGS Brochure Distribution?

Simply click the link below to contact us. We will get in touch and guide you through the next steps!